Technology Powering
Immigrant Success

Leveraging data and tech solutions to provide trusted information and tailored services

Making an Impact

57 Million

Hispanics in the US


of US population growth

1.5 Trillion

buying power


see education as path to success

Whether it's getting access to healthcare, building credit or seeking further education, immigrant families are striving for the American dream, and yet, they find no support. Welcome Technologies delivers an onboarding and support platform that provides information and solutions to every challenge.

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We are dedicated to connecting immigrants with information and services

We believe that technology can create opportunities for immigrants by connecting them with essential information and services needed to build a life in the US.


65 Million



7 Million

Phone Calls



Digital Resources

Building impactful solutions to best serve immigrant and their families

Welcome Tech has built a unique approach by engaging immigrant communities in the ways and with the information they most need.

How? First and foremost by listening. With our omnichannel approach, our members can text, call, email or even meet our team in person. We quickly learned that roughly 75% say they are optimistic in achieving their life goals, but feel resources about trustworthy products and services are often unclear. We set out to remedy this.

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Solutions for change


Immigrants and their families can leverage a variety of services that Welcome Technologies such as our Q&A center and our expansive library of content. With hundreds of articles & videos on topics ranging from buying your first home, the difference between an HMO and PPO insurance, to sending money to your loved ones, we are the #1 resource for hispanic immigrants in the US.

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Solutions for change


We offer our members a selection of highly-vetted products from a variety of industries: finance, health, telecom and education. These are provided directly by us or through trusted partners.

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Maria from Chicago, IL

“I’m so thankful because I was short on cash to buy my daughter's back to school supplies and thanks to the membership card and incentivized surveys I was able to get everything I needed”

Juan from Los Angeles, CA

“I’d never heard of this remittance service, thank you for sharing this information. I’ve been able to send more money home at less cost”

George from San Antonio, TX

“I saw an ad for this micro-loan service, but I usually use another service. However I like what you’ve described so next time I’ll try this one out. Thank you for giving me this new option!”


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