About Us

Welcome Tech

Welcome Tech is the world’s first digital platform to provide the global, multigenerational immigrant community with the linguistically and culturally relevant resources to thrive in a new country. Welcome Tech’s unparalleled consumer insights, first-party data, and proprietary technology inform affordable, fair, and best in-market custom solutions across key services. The company’s initial and highly reputable immigrant platform, SABEResPODER currently serves millions of Hispanics.


President & CEO

“At Welcome Tech we are using our proprietary data and technology to build a platform that addresses critical needs of our immigration system and propels society forward. Financial services and education are core to our ecosystem. And we are excited about having secured world-class investors and a diverse and highly experienced team to achieve our goal of creating a world where everyone can succeed anywhere.”

Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Community Officer

“Our audience is central to U.S. prosperity. We have a significant opportunity to improve the lives of Hispanics by providing them with our bespoke products and services, and we have a singular commitment to empower their success. By leveraging our resources to better serve the Hispanic market, we empower a community that in turn, empowers our country.”